What if my horse dies away from home?

17 02 2012

To continue in our theme of equine insurance related matters, let’s talk about the scenario where your horse passes away while boarding somewhere other than your home stable.

I was recently asked if equine mortality insurance would pay an otherwise valid death claim where a horse died while stabled somewhere away from home, such as at a horse show or at a lessee’s facility (if you’ve leased out the horse).  That was a very good question.  According to Lucinda Human, owner of Star H Equine Insurance of Advance, North Carolina, most all equine mortality policies provide mortality coverage if the animal dies anywhere in the continental United States.  For additional premium, you can obtain shipping and overseas coverage as well.  However, Lucinda and I both suggest that if you plan to send your horse anywhere away from home, you take a close look at your policy (or have a professional review it for you) just to double check to see if the horse is covered where it will be stabled and whether you have any obligation to notify the company in the event you relocate the animal.

If you have further equine insurance related questions or needs, checkout Star H’s website at www.starhinsurance.com.  Lucinda Human would be happy to speak with you as well and help you determine what coverages you need based upon your personal situation.

If you get into a bind and need assistance or just want to ask some questions to avoid getting in a bind, feel free to email me at dburch@rl-law.com. I often will answer a short and simple question for free if I have time and know the answer off the top of my head! If you don’t hear back from me quickly, it’s not because I don’t love you or think you have a great question or because I don’t know the answer (usually), I’m probably just really busy and haven’t had a chance to email back.  And you can always buy the first hour of my time for $250 (my usual hourly rate for 2012 is $325).  Lots of folks will save up all their equine (and some corporate or real estate) legal questions and short documents and sit with me for an hour and we will do as much as we can during that hour and it’s only $250.  You can check out my Twitter feed @nchorselawyer as well as our firm’s Equine Law Group web page at www.rl-law.com if you’re interested, and yes, in addition to providing what I hope are interesting and informative stories, this blog and the Twitter feed referenced above are also advertisements for legal services.  I have to tell you that in bold, says the State Bar.

Happy Riding!




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